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Bloom (500 ml)
Rs. 999.00
500 ml (16 oz) Lush garden rows bend and sway gently in the breeze, creating a moving banner of petals that represent every shade of pink. Hours of hard work in the dirt, gingerly placing individual seeds and measuring water pay off in this beautiful display. At the center of...
Extra Sleeves
Rs. 375.00
We know that making a choice can be tough. We got you covered. You can have a new colour to choose everyday that goes with your outfit and more importantly your day.   
Flutter (500 ml)
Rs. 999.00
500 ml (16 oz) Sitting on a lonely, quiet park bench you find that you’re not quite so alone. The softness of uninterrupted sunlight warms your face and the din of children playing echoes in the distance. A curious, kind butterfly lands on your shoulder and the gentle flutter of...
Frost (500 ml)
Rs. 999.00
500 ml (16 oz) Microscopic ice shards crunch under the weight of winter boots with every step and the air is heavy with frosted mist. The warm breath from your lips halts as it meets the frozen air and immediately disappears in a magical display. You inhale a sharp pull...
Gush (500 ml)
Rs. 999.00
500 ml (16 oz) Dive into the refreshingly cold, inspiringly clear pool, where the purest water gushes forth from a hidden spring. You look down into the bright blue water and see your bare feet wriggle and kick, sparking a flurry of tiny underwater bubbles. Lie back, close your eyes,...
Midnight (500 ml)
Rs. 999.00
500 ml (16 oz) The night air whips across your cheeks and you close your eyes tightly. As the stars and moon hide behind the veil of thick, dense clouds, you find that there is very little difference open or shut. The bells toll midnight in the distance and you...
Sprout (500 ml)
Rs. 999.00
500 ml (16 oz) Jagged rocks, smooth stones, and cold, musty soil create an unwelcoming, desolate space until the light of spring rises over the horizon. With fierce strength and reckless determination, the heads of hidden stems sprout up, reclaiming their space with vivacious green points of possibility.
Surf (500 ml)
Rs. 999.00
500 ml (16 oz) The ocean makes these majestic curls sending adrenaline to the heart. As you glide through the tunnel of water you realise how alive you feel. You get back to the shore have a sip of water and stare at the beautiful blue ocean. C'est la vie!...